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A Homage to my Fellow (Female) EMBA Students

To all the women (and of course everyone) out there: Many more reasons to join the EMBA program at Rochester Bern. Or: A homage to my fellow female students

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RoBe Alumnus at the Largest Bank in the World

Daniel Hollenstein works at the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited, Zurich Branch. How does he come to work for the world's largest bank? What are the tasks of a Chinese bank in Switzerland? And how did his Rochester-Bern Master’s prepare him for the challenge? This article provides answers.

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New Technologies – the Playing Fields of the Future

New technologies will change our familiar landscape and have a major impact on cybersecurity. How can we set the course so that we can tap into the great potential of these technologies and markets? Marcel Zumbühl took the participants on a tour of the playing fields of the future at the RoBe lunch talk about Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse, Quantum Computing and Participatory Security.

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High Volatility – Welcome Back to University

With this student blog I will take you on my learning journey during the next months. And in this first post I will explain to you the connection between my study start and a risk curve with high volatility.  

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The EMBA Encouraged me to Take this Step

Marvelling at the Empire State Building, a walk in Central Park and a ride over the Brooklyn Bridge. For RoBe alumnus David Hehlen, this is reality. He has been working as a Corporate Advisor at UBS in New York since November 2022. In this article he tells us what it means to work abroad and how the RoBe EMBA prepared him for the adventure.

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Negotiating in Times of Increasing Complexity

Those who negotiate better also get through life better. For managers in particular, negotiation skills are no longer a "nice to have," but indispensable. Expert Jochen Luksch explains how to negotiate effectively and efficiently.

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Mindfulness & Dynamic Employee Leadership

Becoming more aware of oneself and the environment - mindfulness is an effective method to promote reflective and authentic leadership behavior. Professor Marco Furtner explains why mindfulness is particularly important in dynamic leadership.

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VUCA resilience – how we learn from crises

VUCA - Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity wonderfully describes the zeitgeist and how life feels in today's society. Executives in particular are often exposed to strong stresses and must possess a great deal of resilience in order to master their everyday lives.

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Presentation Skills and Rhetoric – Becoming Visible

Speaking in front of an audience takes courage. An additional challenge are online meetings, where it is even more difficult to engage the audience. Sibylle Sommerer is the owner of Speak GmbH and gives tips on how to make a successful digital appearance.

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